I Know Who I Am Even If You Don’t Know Who I Am


Hi. I’m Buddy and my mom asked me to write a guest blog because she says she “can’t put a coherent thought together” whatever that means. I do know that she is working on this thing with three letters – M,F,A. But I guess she’ll figure it out pretty soon, because, just between you and me, it shouldn’t be that hard to do three letters.

So I’m going to tell you about me. I am four years old and I live with my mom and dad, Deb and Richie, and I am a Maltese. So that means I’m cute. You might think that with my looks, I would just sit around the house and get pampered, but I am not that way. I am what I like to call an “Adventure Maltese.”  This is what I do as an Adventure Maltese: I go in the woods (but not alone, since my mom says I am “prey”) and I sniff for coyote and foxes and mink and otters and deer. It is great fun in the woods. Mom likes me to stay close to her since I am “prey” but sometimes, well okay a lot, I pretend I can’t hear her and then she gets sort of mad and then I do this thing that I will tell you about later and she stops being mad. Once I saw a bear. I wasn’t scared, but the bear was.

When it’s cold out, I like to run on the ice and chase after my mom when she skates. Sometimes I spin out.

When it’s warm, I help in the canoe, and sometimes I swim, but that is not my favorite activity. I prefer to lie on the floaty-float and have my mom and dad push me around.

I am never bad. Well okay sometimes. But then when mom or dad look like they’re not happy with me I do this thing I call the “hiney maneuver.” I stick my behind way up in the air then I look at them out of the corner of my eye and I put on my “I didn’t mean to do it but aren’t I cute” look and they start laughing. Try it next time you’re bad.

So I guess that’s all for now. I like my life. I have lots of toys and lots of friends of different persuasions—I have a boy, a cat, grown ups (lots of them) and other dog friends. I have food twice a day and I always get the ‘upgrade’ since I don’t like just kibble. And I have Buddyland, which is where I sleep at night. I hope you have a nice life too.

Bye for now,




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