Every Once in a Long While

Every once in a long while, I will spend the entire day reading. Not for work, not for school, just for pleasure. It’s a rare combination of: having a book I want to read, a release of my usual discipline around tasks I have assigned myself, and a general fatigue.

Today may be one of those days. I have discovered that Barbara Mertz, aka Elizabeth Peters aka Barbara Michaels are one and the same. Elizabeth Peters is the author of the Amelia Peabody series—Amelia being an intrepid, formidable Victorian lady who helps her husband in his archeological digs in Egypt, and solves mysteries along the way. A more apt example of the saying: “The man is the head but the woman is the neck––and the neck turns the head” isn’t to be found in storytelling. I love Amelia.

When I discovered, earlier this week, that the author of my beloved Amelia Peabody series is also Barbara Michaels, author of gothic-y galloping good stories, I tingled. It was like discovering a sumptuous room in a house you thought you knew every corner of. So I went to the library and took out the three Barbara Michaels books they had. I have started one and it has all the book elements of a day long read—not too complex, a good story, strong protagonist and a wee bit scary.

Add to that, the full moon that has disturbed my sleep this week (general fatigue) and the completion of two flogging tasks a few days ago (release of self-discipline) and I’ve got the table laid for a day of reading.

I hope your day is a pleasant as I expect mine to be.

everyonceinawhile copy


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