Must We Tweet?

 “When I was a child, people simply looked about them and were moderately happy. Nowadays they peer across the seven seas, bury themselves waist-deep in tidings and by and large what they see and hear makes them unutterably sad.” 

E. B. White, the essayist and author of Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little and other classic children’s books wrote the above in 1930. He was talking about the newly emerging technology of television. And if he thought there was too much information out there in 1930, I shudder to think what he would think of today.

Is ignorance bliss—or are we burying ourselves in tidings? We have reality TV (why?) and memoirs up the wazoo, blogging and then of course there is tweeting. Tidings everywhere. Lots of clamor and few places to reflect.

But reflection and its relationship to self-knowledge is exactly what are missing from our over-stimulated lives. I’m not sure where all this information sharing is going—whether it is good or bad—but it is.

In the old days, we set out on our hero’s journey to find our empowerment. Then, once found, we carried ourselves, in our newfound power back to our communities to share and to complete the circle. But what do we have now? Is there a Hero’s Journey? Is there a circle of power?

Or is there only a clamor of rootless voices, desperate to be heard?

must we tweet


8 thoughts on “Must We Tweet?

  1. Because “blog” rhymes with agog, clog, fog, hog, jog, log (terd), slog, and other words that seem to refer to either a limited ability to perceive clearly or function with any sense of dignity, I swear I will never engage in the activity, however au courant.

    “Blogging” is what a “blogger” does. I would, if someone asked, perhaps engage in the act of “crapping,” one who craps in the rarified air of the intellect, lays down a big smelly one at the post of public intercourse. Proud of my crapulence, I would think I could achieve the same notoriety as the peacock, immortalized in haiku:

    The proud peacock sits
    high upon its lofty throne,
    a mound of manure.

    This is my goal, to spread the resplendent wings of vanity throughout the aether, to grouse like a do-do about the future, to assume the mantle of sage of the immaterial.

  2. Wow. I thought we were friends… And I kind of think my blog does help me perceive clearly and function with a sense of dignity. And maybe others, too.
    Irony abounds, doesn’t it? (Since we’re having this conversation on my blog.)

  3. Deb…………………we are friends.

    I apologize for taking liberties on your blog. I meant no disrespect to you or any of your comments. In fact, I read with great interest what you had to say, made powerful by your clear, concise prose. Thank you.

    I meant to satirize “blogging” in general and not specifically your blog or your comments. “Must We Tweet” inspired me to create this most offensive rant of mine, “Must We Blog?”

    I neglected to title my comment. Maybe that would have clarified my intention. Obviously, I’m not familiar with “blog etiquette,” and so once again, I ask your forgiveness and promise to temper any future remarks on your blog.

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