Making the Writing LIfe

I got up at 4:30 this morning because I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t sleep because I had spent yesterday out of town and I shoved my personal work aside. After a day of denying my need to write, this is what I have done to myself. I HAVE TO WRITE. There’s no way around it. So I’m up early, to write, before the next commitment.

I don’t know what it is; it gets hold of you and doesn’t let you rest until you’ve released the pressure. The words are piled up inside and must come out. You’ve invited the muse to show up but when you don’t show up, the words want to come out anyway, and when you don’t let them, haven’t made the personal time to do that, they build up, the pressure of all those words crowding together inside you.

I have to learn to take myself seriously, and by that I mean, take my writing seriously. It is not something to be shoved into corners. It must be the centerpiece of the room. Sure, it could be a female thing—take care of everything else before you take care of yourself, but I don’t like excuses.

I have a choice. I want to choose the writing life, so why do I keep shoving it back? Is it because I don’t take myself seriously as a writer? Probably. That’s a slippery slope and I’m not going down it. I am a writer. I am a writer. I am a writer.



7 thoughts on “Making the Writing LIfe

  1. I get a lovely vibe from the room.
    Of course you are a writer! 🙂
    Okay… maybe this will help. I’ll offer up three things. You pick one. Then write anything at all, until you’ve managed to include that “thing” in what you’re writing about.
    …Oatmeal with cranberries …or pink icecubes …or fuzzy slippers

  2. This is a slippery post-grad school slope, and yes, one to beware. It’s a hard transition when you’ve had people who see you as a writer and value you that, then it fades from the center. But you are a writer! And I’m glad you’re finding ways to keep that at the center, even if with a few backs and forths, as fall into every life. Except maybe for Henry James, but we don’t want to be him. We must have coffee soon!

  3. Your writing is wonderful. I feel what you say. You are very thoughtful and sharp and will always be a writer. I still struggle after 40 years on my journey as an artist, but I will always be me too. Your room is cozy and must be a fantastic place to write. I’ll bet you have scratch pads by your bedside as well. We’ve only met in passing during the craziness of ‘cross season…nice to get to know you here.

  4. Thank you Robin–and I’ll see you next season! BTW,someone once said that the job of the artist is to find your comfort level–and stay out of it. So it looks like we’re doing all right.

  5. Just let it flow and the words will come. You are a writer. It is not easy to identify as a creative person – but remember that you are an artist in everything that you do.

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