Buddy’s Big Adventures by Buddy

I told my mom I needed to write in the blog this week because I have had BIG adventures. TWO of them.

I was at a bike race and it was about ninety degrees, so my mom asked someone to take me in the shade while she worked in the pit at the bike race. But I did not want to be in the shade with someone. I wanted to be in the pit with my mom. So I escaped. People were diving for me, but they missed. I crossed under some yellow tape and all of a sudden a bike ran right into me! I went flying and some poop came out (well you try not pooping when something big runs into you) ( I wasn’t scared) (well okay maybe a little.) So there I was, lying on the ground, but then I got up and ran toward the pit again. I ran under some more yellow tape and I heard people screaming. Then I was next to my mom. She looked surprised and she scooped me right up, poop and all. She took me into the shade. I was tired. I lay down and rested. After that I felt fine. Even though everyone thought I should be hurt.

Here is the second adventure. I had a sore. No big deal. I licked it. It got bigger. Mom put stuff on it. I licked it. This went on for many days. Then the sore got a hole in it–like a volcano. Mom called the vet. I hate the vet. We went to the vet. When we got there I started doing the shaking-panting thing (because it smells funny in there) (I wasn’t scared) (well okay maybe a little.) They took me into a little room and stuck a needle in me. I did not make any whimpery noises. Then the vet made a slice on the sore and she took some tweezers and pulled out—-a bug-thing! It had been living in there! In me! It was like I had my own pet! They called it “Cuterebra.”  I would have named it something different. Maybe “Lucy.” The vet people were impressed because they said it was one of the biggest ones they’d seen. Who’s special, huh?

(Me, that’s who.)

Buddy, Adventure Maltese

2013-11-23 08.21.24


6 thoughts on “Buddy’s Big Adventures by Buddy

  1. Maxwell! I am so glad to meet you! You are very handsome and you look just like me. BTW my MOM was born in Honolulu. It looks like a nice place.

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