Well Regulated Militia?

The population of the United States is three hundred twenty seven million.

The membership of the NRA is five million. That’s peanuts.

One sixty-fifth of the population of the United States–five million out of three hundred twenty seven million–is controlling the legislation around guns.

The Second Amendment states, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

What part of “well regulated militia” includes lone teenage boys with assault weapons murdering children in schools?

If the NRA can’t control its “well regulated militia,” then the majority has to.

For the sake of our children–our future.


2 thoughts on “Well Regulated Militia?

  1. — sooo true debra..
    the second amendment offered protection to the slave owners/stewards to maintain their property clocked by this mask.. at no time did the federal government.., from then through now.., threaten to “knock our doors down and take one’s weapons” without due cause..
    our congress is owned by lobbyist.., the nra is one of the most powerful.. guns.., all types.., ammunition and other ancillary components —- mega money to the manufactures.., lobbyist and replenishment line..
    we need to look toward Japanese zen relative to how they administer contemporary firearms within their country — “why, administration process, penalty and end result..” it works!!
    “money buys power from weak souls..,” the nra has deep pockets and our congress maintains many weak souls..
    so apropos.., “blood money..”
    with respect..,

  2. When we were a frontier nation the citizens needed guns for protection. Weapons could be loaded and fired as fast as two rounds per minute. Armed citizens were a needed source for frontier and national defense. During the revolutionary war more than half of the solders were militia solders raised by the colonies. When the Constitution was written there was only a tiny US army. The founders knew that the defense of the nation would depend on the state militias. The second amendment was clearly intended to insure that nation would have a quickly available source of soldiers from organized state militias. These state militias have fulfilled their purpose. They have been “called up” by the federal government in nearly every war.
    The NRA is not a state militia. What is it? It seens to be a private one issue fearful-of goverment organization As pointed out by Debra, they are a relatively small organization but with immnse political with power over state and federal legislators by either withholding or contributing election funds and by actively supporting or vehmently opposing those legislators who don’t support their one issue- unimpeded ownership of any and all types of guns in any quantity.
    But the problem is not the NRA, it is our legislators. Legislators need money to get elected and the NRA provides it. Until we elect representatives not beholden to the NRA and who can get funding from other sources, the NRA control of the guns issue will continue.
    The the NRA solution to the mass killings is more guns. To stop the “bad guy” with a gun you need a “good guy” with a gun. By that logic, the solution to ending mass shootings by a “bad guy with AR15″ will be, a” good guy” with an AR15. Where does this escalation end?
    Thanks Deb

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